Monday, October 18, 2010

My Kate Boyan bag

OMG, I received the bag from Kate Boyan in today's mail that I commissioned from her. It is the most gorgeous piece!!! I wanted the view from her window, but also focusing on fireweed. She did a spectacular job of creating what was in my head. Attached is the photo she took of the piece. Isn't it beautiful???


Tracey N. said...

I have never heard of this artist, so I googled and took a peek at her blog. WOW! Amazing work there. Thank you for introducing me to Kates work. She is extraordinaty! What a beautiful piece of work you have. Love it.

Jeanette Shanigan said...

Kate's a fellow Alaskan artist. I'm also tickled to say that she routinely does a square for the BC quilts, though I must tell you that today she said she finds doing 'hands' difficult! I did say I'd found some drawing guidelines that I'd send her (as if she'd need them!).

TGB and crew said...

it is gorgeous. what a beautiful piece. thanks for posting this.