Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Whew!!!! Well, maybe I'm not a foolish ol' woman afterall. Maybe I just appreciate true, real talent when I hear it. Read this:


Robin said...

Wasn't Adam fabulous tonight!!! I love the way he did "One." WOW!!! Interesting to read the opera reviews and encouraging too. But will all the millions of kids who vote get it right? I hope so!

Although I'm personally happy you posted about this, happy to have connected with another Adam fan (I don't know anybody else who watches Amer Idol), I think that posts on the BJP blogs are supposed to be only BJP-related subject matter... For sure, however, I'll check your personal blog after the results show tomorrow.

With crossed fingers... Robin A.

Jeanette Shanigan said...

Yes, he was fabulous, though I thought a little toned down and maybe even a bit hesitant. I didn't notice the guyliner and the 'do' looked pretty ordinary for a guy his age. I think after the trip home, he realized what's at stake, as otherwise the contestants are pretty much sequestered in a bubble.

The thing about the voters for him is that they cross all generations. And there's a huge group of ol' women--ooops discriminating woman--like us who are surprised by their interest/passion for Adam, but vote, vote vote. Hey, I learned how to speed-dial and voted 2 hours last night. I would have scoffed if someone had told me that I'd do that 6 months ago. anyway, I hope it was enough--he deserves to win.

Robin said...

YEAH!!!! Every vote counts!!!! I don't really understand about Kris's popularity... He's a sweet guy and actually his second song was pretty good. But consistently Adam out-sings them all. I enjoyed the opera critic's reviews. Thanks for the link!

Speed dial, huh? Does that just mean pushing the "redial" button or is there even a better trick? You can bet I was pushing "redial" for a couple of hours and will again next Tuesday! And, yes, I NEVER would have believed it if anybody had told me I'd be doing that. 66 years old and dialing like a maniac!

I thought both Kris and Adam were shocked last night... probably both of them expected Danny to be the first in the "safe" category. Danny's swan song was magnificent... too bad he didn't sing like that all the way through. He learned a lot.

Oh, this is fun... having one other person (I know not one other!) to share this insanity!


Jeanette Shanigan said...

Well, I guess that the really savvy way to vote is to get an ATT GO phone and text. I've learned that 10 votes can be sent at once that way. But I'm not into texting and don't need another phone.

Kris and Adam were roommates at the beginning. Did you know that? Somehow, it just seems right that they're there at the end.

I'm hoping that Adam's strategy is to blow away the naysayers and "only-screams" with a a low-medium register romantic ballad. Have you seen the entire video of him singing the 'Star-Spangled Banner'? OMG, the man can sing; I've never heard such a beautiful, moving version of that very difficult song!!! Most "stars" butcher it.

Robin said...

I would like to hear Adam sing the SBB in its entirety with good fidelity sound. I don't even have speakers on my computer. Robert does, but they're not good quality. I know nothing about downloading.... However, I did catch the part on the show and thought the same as you... that he did it masterfully. Too bad it couldn't have been him singing it at the inaguration. Maybe next time. No I didn't know he and Kris were roomies. Agree that it's fitting the two of them remain. I also agree with your idea of what might be a winning strategy for him. No matter... I'll be hitting the redial button.

Do you also watch "So You THink You Can Dance?" I love it even more than Amer Idol. Both programs encourage young folks to dance and sing, which are two of the most healthy ambitions and passtimes I can think of for kids.

I'll check back after Tuesday's show.

Hugs, Robin A.

Robin said...

Just for the record, and to tell someone who might care, I think Amer Idol producers rigged (or perhaps "swayed" is a kinder word) the results by the amount of air time they gave Kris, his family (particularly his tearful dad) and his town's support and how he always had more critique time from the judges and more interview time with Ryan. For 10 weeks, I noticed that he got more time than the other contestants, particularly toward the end, more time than Adam. How could that not influence the voting public? So, it's just a show and Adam will make his way in the world, winner or not. I just needed to spout. Robin A.

Anonymous said...

I know this is a very late comment, but count me in Adam's fan club as well. I hope we see and hear a lot more of him once his commitment to American Idol is over. He's fabulous!